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zweisam gemeinsam einsam

2018 (Leipzig)

69 Min.

Milch & Zucker

2018 (Leipzig/Wiesbaden)

6 Min.


2018 (Leipzig)

5 Min.

Zu Besuch

2015 (Leipzig)

11 Min.

Vor deiner Tür

2015 (Leipzig)

1 Min. 30

Maisha, Maisha Tu

2015 (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

58 Min.


2016 (Leipzig)

3 Min.

Der Nächste, Bitte

2015 (Leipzig)

1 Min. 30


2014 (Leipzig)

9 Min.

About Us

5 o'clock creativity is a film production collective, founded 2014 in Leipzig, Germany.

The collective is made up of young, passionate cinephiles whose first short films have successfully entered festivals and competitions. We are constantly developing new projects; from narrative productions; to educational films in collaboration with universities, educators, and scientists; to all kinds of commissioned work. Each member of the collective brings their own set of valuable skills which are improved and further professionalized during each new production.

Each year, we complete several new national and transnational film projects.

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If you are interested in current projcets or other news, check out our Facebook page.

Commissioned Work

Accompanied Projects

Nächstes Mal Bist Du Dran

2016 (Cagliari)

Money Talks

2016 (Leipzig)

Kein (Rettungs)Netz


Nächste Station: Erasmus

2015 (Cagliari)



Phone: on request

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